MO KAN Bassmasters


MO KAN Bassmasters


Club Rules

1.       The MO KAN Bassmasters will hold their monthly meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of each month in a location determined by a majority vote.

2.       At all times during the meeting members shall present a positive and sportsman like attitude.

3.       A member or members that are ejected from a meeting will not be allowed to fish the next tournament.

4.       Three (3) violations of club or tournament rules will result in suspension from the club for the duration of the year.

5.       Only members are allowed to vote at the meeting.

6.       A simple majority is needed to pass a motion.

7.       Pounds will be awarded for attending activities sponsored by the MO KAN Bassmasters:

a.       (1) pound per meeting scheduled

b.      (1) pound per tournament fished

c.       (2) pounds for each special event (Lbs will be awarded for day of participation)

                                                        i.            Casting Kids

                                                      ii.            Kids Fishing Derby

8.       Club will pay gas mileage to send representative to Directors Meeting.  Amount will be equal to actual amount spent, verified by actual gas receipt.

9.       Club will pay for Long Distance calls the President makes on behalf of the club.

10.   Club will pay for President and Representative/Club Member entry fee for President?s Rodeo Tournament.

11.   The MO KAN Bassmasters will have the following Directors:

a.       Tournament Director

b.      State Director

c.       Youth Director

d.      Public Relations Director

e.      Environmental Director

                                                        Environmental Director to work with the club Tournament Director and be responsible for our club tournament weigh-ins

12.   In order to fish the State Tournament B.A.S.S. membership must be current.

Tournament Rules

The following rules will be used at all MO KAN Bassmasters Club tournaments.  These rules to be interpreted by the Tournament Director and the Chapter Officers,  all decisions are final.

1.       Eligibility

a.       All members who have paid the full entry fee may compete in the tournament for pounds toward the tournament trail.

b.      Potential members (guest) that have received permission of the MO KAN Bassmasters and have paid the full entry fee plus an extra $5.00 may compete in the tournament.  Limited to one (1) tournament per year.

                                                        i.            The $5.00 will go to the General Fund, or it will be applied toward the guest?s dues if they join the club by the next meeting.

                                                      ii.            If the guest places in the money, the money is applied automatically to their dues.

2.       Entry Fee

a.       $50.00 per member ($20.00 goes to the State Fund, $25.00 Tournament fee) and an optional $5.00 for Big Bass Pot.  Total of $50.00

b.      All entry fees must be paid in full before the morning of the tournament.  Entries will be accepted at the ramp with a $5.00 late penalty.

3.       Payback

a.       1 to 4 members pays  (1) place

(100% 1st place)

b.      5 to 8 members pays (2) places

(70% 1st place)

(30% 2nd place)

c.       9 or more members pays (3) places

(50% 1st place)

(30% 2nd place)

(20% 3rd place)

d.      If no legal size bass is caught then the entry fees are diverted to the next scheduled tournament and the Big Bass pot will go to the clubs General Fund.

4.       Pairings

a.       A non boater can redraw if he/she draws a boater that he/she has fished with during the current tournament year.

b.      Non boater will declare and redraw at time of drawing.

c.       A non boater shall pay the boater $40.00 per day for gas money.

5.       Live-well Check

a.       Live-well checks will be done before take off by the Environmental Director or an appointed person.

b.      Kill switches will be checked by the Environmental Director or an appointed person.

6.       Tournament Hours

a.       Tournament hours begin when the first contestant launches their boat for the tournament and ends after all the monies has been handed out.

b.      During multiple day tournaments, Day 1 tournament hours end once the daily scale has been closed.

c.       Take off and return time will be decided at the meeting prior to the tournament.

d.      All boats must be in the water 15 minutes before take off.

7.       Tackle and Equipment

a.       Only artificial baits may be used.

b.      No trolling allowed.

c.       All bass must be caught on rod and reel during tournament hours.

d.      Landing nets are allowed.

8.       Boats and Motors

a.       Any boat 14 feet or longer will be accepted if powered by an engine of more than 10 horsepower.

b.      Boats may not be trailered during tournament hours except in case of emergency or a disabled boat.  No penalty if back to weigh in on time.

c.       Boats may not have motors that exceed their horsepower rating or BIA rating.

d.      All Missouri Water Patrol laws and regulations shall apply.

9.       Safety

a.       Safe boating and fish practices must be observed.

b.      Life jackets and kill switches must be worn any time the combustion engine is in use except at low idle or no wake speed.

c.       Kill switches are mandatory.

d.      Absolutely no alcohol, narcotic substance, or other mind-altering illegal drug may be used during tournament hours.

e.      All Missouri Department of Conservation laws and regulations shall apply.

10.   Sportsmanship

a.       A full discussion will be made between paired partners, as to schedule of boat operations and water.  This schedule must permit each partner equal time to fish from the front of the boat and in each partners water.  Time must be equally divided for the entire day. If a contestant waives the right to operate the positioning motor or the boat owner deems conditions, due to wind, weather, current, or other circumstances jeopardize safety or property  and render owner control necessary, they still have the right to his/her waters.  Due to safety procurement for the non-boater, the boater must have a rear seat of some type available.

b.      Non-boater is financially responsible for any damages that occur while running the trolling motor.

c.       Any contestant who, in the judgment of the club officials, does not conduct themselves in a professional sportsman like manner and/or operates their boat in such a manner as to handicap their partner or endanger any person during the tournament, and is reported to , or viewed by the Tournament Director or any other officer of the club can be disqualified.

11.   Permitted Fishing Locations

a.       Anywhere on the tournament lake except:

                                                        i.            Within fifty (50) yards of an anchored contestant's boat

                                                      ii.            Off-limits will be established at the pairing meeting.

                                                    iii.            Tournament Director,  with approval of majority of the present officers, can adjust the  
      off-limits area.

12.   Scoring

a.       All contestants will weigh in their legal fish.

b.      Only Largemouth, Kentucky, Smallmouth, and Meanmouth bass will be weighed.

c.       Only the largest five (5) fish will be weighed.

d.      Contestants may cull (except during July and August).

e.      The Tournament Director will weigh one (1) fish per contestant for Big Bass Pot.  Contestant must choose fish to be weighed.

f.        The Tournament Director reserves the right to verify all measurements of fish brought to the scales.

g.       Any frozen, iced or otherwise mangled bass presented for weigh-in will result in immediate disqualification.

h.      Dead fish penalties:

                                                        i.            (1) fish - minus 4oz

                                                      ii.            (2) fish - minus 10oz

                                                    iii.            (3) fish - minus 18oz

                                                     iv.            (4) fish - minus 28oz

                                                       v.            (5) fish - minus 40oz

i.        A Big Bass that is dead will reflect the dead fish penalty.

j.        The Golden Rule Tournament Ruler will be the official measuring device.

k.       Contestants are responsible for their own fish.

l.        There will be a one (1) pound penalty for each short fish, plus loss of fish.

13.   Protests

a.       All protests must be filed within 15 minutes of the daily scales closing or before the monies have been distributed.

14.   Ties

a.       Ties will be broken by the following:

                                                        i.            Most fish

                                                      ii.            Biggest fish

                                                    iii.            Flip of coin

b.      Tie for Big Bass will be broken by the following:

                                                        i.            Most fish

                                                      ii.            Most weight

                                                    iii.            Flip of coin

15.   Check-In Late Penalty

a.       One (1) pound per minute up to ten (10) minutes, then disqualification.  No Excuses.

b.      All contestants must check-in with tournament officials.

c.       All contestants must be inside the designated off-limits by the end of tournament hours.